Richard Long: Time and Space; and a walk

Today, with time to spare, I went to Bristol’s Arnolfini Gallery to see Richard Long’s retrospective. See HERE. The following notes were made immediately after my visit, and are largely verbatim. Notes from the dark room are of the exhibition in near darkness, called By the Mark, the Deep, by Matt Davies and Milo Newman. The Photographs are from a walk I took after visiting Arnolfini, where I attempted (and failed) to find Richard Long’s Boyhood Line.

First Impressions

Liked the repeating motifs – the word association poem of a Scottish walk mentioned FLOOD as an associated word (associated to what I can’t remember); and then, on an adjacent wall, a photo from a walk entitled Flood, of somewhere else (possibly somewhere in Africa)

Circles in several circumstances, white wooden board on the floor in one room, photos of circles of boulders, remains of round buildings

A photo, taken outside a cathedral, showing a circle of white limestone, while in the gallery, a huge cross, using similar stone. The stone cross inside, more likely to be thought of as an X (this is an artist of maps and landscape, after all)

But viewed as a cross – divine, like a little church or sacred marker to the landscape outside


Dark room – very dark at first

Anyone there?

Where are the walls?

Big, dull bulbs, and tiny LEDs

‘Soundtrack’ cracks, pops, a decomposing tape, I’m told.

Felt like a wildcamp, carefully pacing around, nervous about what or who might be around

A while passed and my eyes adjusted; someone entered, sat straight down

No stress. Eventually sit down myself, feeling comfortable, relaxed

Walk the room’s perimeter, trace the wall with my finger; a familiar space now

But still – all space, no place, just like that brief moment on a wildcamp, never to be visited again (though I will, to both previous wildcamp spots, and this dark room)


On my way out, buy an academic journal on ruins, and a book of interviews with Richard Long


These notes, written at the Lloyds amphitheatre, skaters making their own lines in the landscape.



One comment on “Richard Long: Time and Space; and a walk

  1. dobraszczyk says:

    Great post. Just one question – what was the academic journal on ruins that you purchased?

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