On Diaries

imageRemember when you got that diary for Christmas? The one you were going to write in every day? Well, you’re not writing in it now. Do you even remember where you left it?

You find the idea of diaries a little odd, don’t you. You hardly ever have appointments you need to keep. That guy you worked with – he had a diary for work. He had lots of meetings. But he would use his diary for his note-taking. That was strange, he always ran out of space, didn’t he. He would start writing in the space for the next day. Why don’t you just use a notebook, like normal people? you thought.

But let’s think about this – right now you wish you had your diary, don’t you. You want to make notes of the day. You know the benefit of an actual diary is that you can pin certain notes to certain days. And it confines you. The space you have is small. You really have to say what you want, and no more.

But you don’t have your diary, do you? Just this notebook with its endless white pages. Its endless, numbered pages. Space to waffle, to let all the thought come pouring out, no matter how dull or asinine (which you just used your phone to look up).

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